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Elegant crafted coastal residences now selling in the heart of Mermaid Beach.

A boutique collection of 8 beachside residences born from an industry leading collaboration.

The result of intuition, inspiration and immense attention to detail, Prominence brings an innovative yet elegant presence to its coastal location, settling seamlessly into this beachside paradise.

13-15 Chairlift Ave.

Timeless Elegance

In constant conversation with its natural surroundings, the architecture is the epitome of intuition and innovation.

Visually dynamic and masterfully crafted, Prominence’s architectural character is an expression of modern sophistication that effortlessly captures the exhilaration and movement of its poetic landscape. Sculpted from the coastal fabric of Mermaid Beach, the building’s striking linear form with distinct recesses is softened by subtle curves that reflect the rhythms of the ocean. Structured with a contemporary edge, these residences are designed with a deep understanding and respect for the landscape ideology and are inspired by the very site they reside on.

Outdoor Spaces

Escape into a flourishing sanctuary where cascading plantings and lush vegetation provide a strong connection to nature, whilst cultivating a sophisticated resort-style ambience.

Verdant Surrounds

The pinnacle of park and beachside living, discover unrivalled relaxation amongst natural beauty.

Curated with discerning care, Prominence’s thoughtful landscaping transcends typical residential living to present a truly elevated experience. The generously-sized living space spills onto an expansive balcony, where lush foliage and native tropical plantings provide moments of seclusion, collapsing the boundaries between in and out. Here, unwinding in your own oasis is quite simply heavenly.


Establishing a harmonious living experience, there is a beautiful sense of cohesion between the architecture and interiors in both materiality and form.

Coastal Refinement

The inspired interiors cultivate an atmosphere of coastal sophistication.

Prominence’s architecture nurtures and gives back to the open-plan interiors to create a serene and comfortably luxurious atmosphere. Here, the thoughtfully-curated spaces provide seamless visual connections to the surrounding landscape whilst imbuing a strong sense of place. Composed of organic materials, soft hues and rich textures, these meditative spaces enrich and simplify the act of living, whilst providing moments of rejuvenation and relaxation. Graced by lush gardens and expansive ocean views, moments of blissful solitude are at the heart of this intuitive design.

Where Form Meets Function

The culinary heart of the home should be a place that sparks inspiration, whilst ensuring daily tasks unfold with ease. Prominence’s kitchens have mastered this notion, balancing functional design and integrated storage with premium Gaggenau appliances and a suite of exquisite finishes. Bespoke elements such as subtle fluting and champagne accents present a textured connection to the natural landscape — evoking a true artisan’s touch.


Distinguished by spectacular proportions, the master ensuite embodies a heightened sense of luxury, where an uncompromising selection of finishes, fixtures and features is designed to calm the mind, body and soul. There is immense attention to detail here, where a curated walk-in-robe and plush woollen carpets set a striking first impression for what is to come. Adjoined by an inspirational bathroom featuring limestone tiling, a freestanding bathtub, ceramic basin and double vanity, residents will discover the true meaning of tranquillity.