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Elegant crafted coastal residences now selling in the heart of Mermaid Beach.

A project of Prominence’s calibre is brought to life by an inimitable collaboration between the industry’s forward-thinkers, design innovators and property experts.

Mayd Group

Intertwining sophistication and endurance to develop exemplary projects for the Gold Coast’s most sought-after postcodes.

“The location of Prominence is second to none. With the coastline only steps away, we are so excited to bring a luxury product that is both beachside and parkside. Our dedicated team puts people at the heart of everything we do, and we are excited to create luxurious homes that contribute to the Gold Coast, whilst preserving the character of the neighbourhood.”

Todd Mould, Managing Director at Mayd Group

Plus Architecture

A passionate team of creatives committed to delivering considered and impactful designs.

Danny Juric

Director at Plus Architecture

Q. What was the brief assigned to you for Prominence?

The brief of this project was simple but not simplistic — to create a beautiful and crafted series of bespoke residences in a unique beachside location.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the design concept for Prominence?

We wanted to create a building that had a subtle coastal elegance but also responded directly to its breathtaking landscape and abundance of nature reserves. The integral process of designing Prominence was more akin to conceptualising a refined sculpture or piece of art, which gives this project a distinct individualistic feel.

Q. What are some of Prominence’s key design elements?

The way the slab shape has been designed to deliberately rise from the curve to its peak captures Mermaid Beach’s idyllic views effortlessly. Vertical screens also reflect this movement and in doing so, create subtle curvatures to soften the exterior. Every inch of Prominence has been carefully created to coherently work together as one. Each of the residences has been thoughtfully designed to allow an influx of sunlight whilst presenting residents with unimpeded views. A consistent flow has been achieved not only within the architecture but within the planning of the interiors and landscaping with collaborators Mim Design and Lead Design Group.

Q. Did the location of the project influence the design process and if so, how?

The location of Prominence, which is situated on a highly-coveted corner site, allowed us to adjust and curate the plan to have a dual aspect.

Q. Can you describe the materiality of this project?

Prominence’s materiality is refined and sophisticated. A chromatic brushed metal features in the screening to convey timelessness. A sleek and elegant slab edge in bronzed polished chrome highlights its exaggerated form. Natural stone grounds the architecture into the landscape, whilst the glass and concrete complement the luxurious nature of the levels above.

Brewery Lane

Developer —
Mayd Group

With a growing portfolio of respected projects across Southeast Queensland, Mayd Group combines sophistication and unwavering quality to develop the most exclusive projects in the region’s most sought-after postcodes. Their holistic approach brings together the best architects, designers, and consultants to create exceptional spaces for you to live, grow, and celebrate in.

They don’t build houses, they build homes as if they were their own. From acquiring new sites and researching market trends to project planning and building constructions, their team brings together the industry’s most coveted minds to ensure you’re able to capitalise on every opportunity your projects present you with.


Architecture —
Plus Architecture

Plus Architecture is a dynamic master planning, architecture, interior design and visualisation practice dedicated to delivering inspiring, impactful projects across Australia and New Zealand.

Delivering community-responsive and energy efficient designs, their projects are always carefully considered. They listen intently to their clients and explore their brief to deliver unique buildings and spaces which are grounded in commercial reality and specific to their location.

A testament to their commitment to good design, they have won and been shortlisted for multiple design awards including the AIA Awards, Property Council Awards and the Australian Interior Design Awards.

Mim Design

An award-winning interior design and architecture practice known for its creativity and attention to detail.

Mim Fanning

Founder of Mim Design

Q. What is your vision for Prominence?

The vision for Prominence was to create a timeless living space inspired by its natural surroundings, reflecting the ebbs and flows of the pristine shoreline, in an effort to provide rejuvenation and invigoration to the owner and occupier.

Q. How does the design respond to the architecture?

The architectural form of Prominence is inspired by the energetics of a wave and its curves, and the dynamic nature of the ocean. Expanding on this notion, water is forever changing, carving new forms into the surrounding shoreline and creating altering rock forms and pools. Intriguingly, the motion of a wave carves more insular moments within its landscape, providing a safe haven from the very thing that defines it. Using this juxtaposition, the architectural form demonstrates the drama of the ocean, whilst the interior design reflects the more meditative moments found within the ocean and its surrounding shoreline.

Q. Can you talk us through some of the signature materials and features included throughout?

The interior design palette features soft blues, subdued creams, glistening champagnes and palatable greens, mimicking the shoreline. Natural timber floor boards are combined with soft blue stone accents, accentuated by subtle beige tones in the textured wallpaper as well as soft wool carpet.

Q. How do you want residents to feel when they interact with the space?

The interior design, with its strong use of materiality, is combined with a functional and spacious open floor plan. It’s imbued with the dynamism and meditative moments found within the ocean to bring about a feeling of restoration and invigoration. Each home features high-end appliances, fixtures and fittings to bring ease and comfortability to everyday living.

Q. Do you have a favourite space or feature within Prominence?

One of the best and most unique features of Prominence is the large spatial planning, offering an expansive kitchen, living, dining and bar zone. The bedrooms are generous and kept separate from the habitable areas to provide opportunities for private time for the residents.

Q. What do you love about the location of this project?

Prominence is located in Mermaid Beach, which is a pristine and beautiful seaside community nestled against the lush hinterland. Visitors are drawn to the idyllic waters, vibrant township and sense of community.

Horizon Flinders

Interior Design —
Mim Design

Mim Design is an award-winning Melbourne-based interior design and architecture practice known for its creativity, high-end finishes and attention to detail. Mim Design is a studio well regarded for its highly tailored and personalised client strategies from concept to delivery.

“Our focus is to inspire our clients with a finished project that goes beyond their expectations. Our philosophy is to produce unique and individual design results that not only reflect our clients or their brand but enhances their lives.”

Recognised nationally and internationally, Mim Design has spent more than 20 years curating a diverse portfolio spanning high-end residential, retail, hospitality and corporate projects.


Landscaping —
Lead Design Group

Lead Design Group are a multidisciplinary landscape architecture firm based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They are part of the next-gen of frontier thinkers who fuse classic simplicity with avant-garde design expression.

Open communication with clients sets the design tone for all projects they collaborate on. This creates a reciprocal energy that nurtures a productive working process to involve, resolve and evolve. Their dedication to progressive design schemes and people-led solutions lights their creative path. This is how they continually innovate and shape bespoke lifestyle spaces that elevate living.

Lead Design Group

A new era of thinking - where landscape design seamlessly coexists with its organic environment.

Thomas Schubel

Director at Lead Design Group

Q. What do you enjoy most about landscape architecture?

What we love most about landscape architecture is creating memorable outdoor spaces for people to socialise, relax and engage with their surroundings. It’s a fantastic field to exercise creativity whilst tackling the mix of comfort and utility needed to ensure the spaces captivate and engage the users, especially with a high-end project like Prominence.

Q. What are some of the things you look for when designing a landscape?

First and foremost, it’s important for us to gain a deep understanding into the existing conditions and surroundings to allow the proposed new landscape to seamlessly integrate into the area. During this process, we think creatively to find new ways of standing out, to create an evocative space that provides a strong connection with the natural elements and future residents.

Q. What can residents expect with the landscaping of Prominence?

The landscaping of Prominence will comprise of a serene resort-style sanctuary; residents will be immersed in lush plantings and boutique finishes that exude the feeling of a sophisticated carefree beachside atmosphere.

Q. Tell us more about the design process associated with this project and the integration of species into the coastal climate?

We collaborated closely with the team at Plus Architecture to design recreational spaces that maximise the expansive ocean views. Consideration of climate is essential for a project in the Mermaid Beach region, especially when it comes to landscape design and plant selection. The species we have chosen will thrive in this coastal environment.

Q. Describe the challenges you face with today’s changing climate and how you work around these issues.

Since landscaping is often the last element to be completed in the development, it usually means we get value management constraints to make up for losses elsewhere. We try to work closely with the client throughout the process to communicate the importance and value of our work and the benefits of a dynamic landscape. We communicate the importance of this with our clients at the start of the project to ensure there are sufficient budget allocations for our shared vision.

Q. As a landscape architect, what is the beauty of living in a suburb like Mermaid Beach?

The world-class beaches with lush parklands are a constant source of inspiration and being able to walk to the beach for a surf before or after work is quite an idyllic way to live.